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Eagle 3
Frontiersman, January 2015
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Crash Site Recognition
Sudan Airways Flight 39, July 8, 2003
Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThis is the first in a series of short articles in which I intend to show pictures of crash sites.  By doing so, I hope to clarify the difference between what is and what isn't a crash site.  It's important for people to know the difference.  That difference ought to be obvious but, apparently, some people have difficulty with it.  In the pictures, notice the size, amount, and visibility of the wreckage.  Some pictures will show skid marks, gouge marks, or scorch marks on the ground.  Hopefully, the pictures will clarify what is, and what isn't, a crash site.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun
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Crash Statistics and Description
Flight No.:
08 July 2003
Sudan Airways
Boeing 737-2J8C(A)
Port Sudan, Sudan
—from AirDisaster.Com
The aircraft [ST-AFK], on a scheduled passenger flight from Port Sudan to the capital city of Khartoum, crashed several minutes after takeoff following a report of trouble from the Captain to Air Traffic Control.  One passenger, a two-year-old boy, survived the accident and was listed in good condition.
—from AirDisaster.Com
Crash Site Photos

A Really Scary Theory
Sam Aurelius Milam III
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.
—Psalms 19:1
New American Bible
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageObjects in orbits that are near to the centers of their orbits have high angular speeds.  Objects in orbits that are far from the centers of their orbits have low angular speeds.  So, consider a spiral galaxy.  Given the facts of how orbital speeds work, it's difficult to see how a spiral galaxy could possibly endure for long, or even exist.  As the stars in low orbits outpace the stars in high orbits, the spirals should continue to stretch until they aren't spirals any more.  After only a few rotations, the spirals should be completely transformed into a disk.  As stars in adjacent orbits pass near to one another, the resulting perturbations in their orbits ought to disrupt their orbits, maybe forming bands something like the rings of Saturn.  Using a simple, solar system type of gravitational model, the long-term existence of spiral galaxies appears to me to be impossible.

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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageAlthough I did arrive at this mystery independently and entirely on my own, I'm not the first man ever to have done so.  A very brief bit of research led me to Bertil Lindblad.  His concerns were identical to mine.
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe pioneer of studies of the rotation of the Galaxy and the formation of the spiral arms was Bertil Lindblad in 1925.  He realized that the idea of stars arranged permanently in a spiral shape was untenable.  Since the angular speed of rotation of the galactic disk varies with distance from the centre of the galaxy (via a standard solar system type of gravitational model), a radial arm (like a spoke) would quickly become curved as the galaxy rotates.  The arm would, after a few galactic rotations, become increasingly curved and wind around the galaxy ever tighter.  This is called the winding problem.  Measurements in the late 1960s showed that the orbital velocity of stars in spiral galaxies with respect to their distance from the galactic center is indeed higher than expected from Newtonian dynamics but still cannot explain the stability of the spiral structure.
—Wikipedia, Spiral galaxy
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI, and presumably Lindblad as well, accepted the idea that if a thing exists, then the thing must be possible, however improbable it might seem.  Furthermore, if the thing is plentiful, then it must be more than possible.  It must be probable.  There are a lot of spiral galaxies.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageActually, the simple solar system type of gravitational model is inapplicable to a galaxy.  That simple model relies on the assumption that orbiting masses can be approximated as point sources of gravity.  Also, a planet doesn't orbit about a sun.  They both orbit about their common center of mass.  With three bodies, it gets more complicated.  The location of the common center of mass, relative to any one of the three bodies, continues to change with their relative positions.  The center of mass of a galaxy is probably a lot easier to locate, at least as an average.  The problem with a galaxy is the point source assumption.  A star near the center of a galaxy will receive almost no net gravitational force because the source is widely distributed.  The gravitational force doesn't come from a point.  It comes from all of the surrounding stars.  Near the center, the vectors cancel, at least approximately.  Stars near the center of a galaxy might not be orbiting at all.  They might just be "floating" in a region of near zero net gravitational force.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageAll of that aside, the problem of the spirals remains unresolved.  Wikipedia presents theories and more references than anybody is ever likely to read.  I didn't even try to read them because I was already considering a theory of my own.  I call it The Really Scary Theory because it's a really scary theory.  I don't necessarily believe it but it is interesting, in addition to being really scary.  Also, speculation comes easily to me.  Here's the speculation.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageOne way that I can imagine that a spiral galaxy could exist is if it started out with the stars arranged as spokes, extending straight from the galactic center to the galactic rim.  If such a galaxy existed, then within a short time the rotation of the galaxy would stretch the spokes into spirals.  It's an interesting speculation about a possible starting configuration for a spiral galaxy.  How could such a thing happen?  Here's The really Scary Theory.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSuppose that all of the stars in our galaxy appeared at the same instant, arranged as spokes extending from the galactic center to the galactic rim, all at their proper distances from the galactic center, all moving in their correct directions, and all moving at their correct speeds.  After spinning for a while, our galaxy would have spirals which, indeed, it does.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSuppose further that all of the other stars that we can see, throughout all of the universe that's visible to us, appeared at the same instant, each in its proper location, each moving in the correct direction, each moving at the correct speed, and each at its proper age in the lifetime sequence of stars.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSuppose finally that all of the light that's traveling across the part of the universe that we can see appeared at the same instant, each bit of it moving in the correct direction and at the right location, as if it had spent the past millions of years travelling, so that we could see the distant stars, so recently arrived upon the scene, as if they'd existed for millions of years.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageIf such a thing was done correctly, if it was done with infinite skill, then how could we know the difference?  The universe would appear the same to us, either way.  Maybe that's what really happened, and the spirals are a clue.  As I mentioned previously, this is a really scary theory but it does explain the spirals.  Maybe, just maybe, God really did create the universe in its entirety, all in a single instant, a mere 4,000 years ago.  Thus, the spirals.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

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 January 2015

Slavery Without the Guilt
Robert H. Outman
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThrough the millennia, mankind has enslaved fellow humans to do another's labor.  Pharaohs' desires and ambitions were met through the tears and sweat of whipped slaves.  Roman conquerors benefited from the cheap labor of their defeated enemies.  The ugly historic side of the deep south reminds us that, more recently, slaves have labored for their masters.  History has repeatedly shown that not all humans share freedom and liberty.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSlavery can take many forms.  With the negative connotations of the word today, modern slavery achieves political correctness by such terms as laborer, worker, field hand, servant, and inmate.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageJustification for slave exploitation has always been easy:  they are not like us, they are enemies, they are less deserving than we are, they broke our laws, they owe us, and a multitude of other reasons.  Dehumanizing people makes it easier to believe that they are unworthy of liberty.  Their privilege is to serve their masters and overlords.  Prisons are exceptionally masterful in such dehumanization and  exploitation.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageCalifornia operates the Prison Industry Authority (PIA), a multimillion dollar Leviathan that produces and sells a broad variety of product's, from sausages to office furniture.  Under the guise of "rehabilitation" and "vocational training", PIA has a captive, cheap labor force.  Prison authorities adamantly defend their exploitation as "rehabilitation" and "vocational education", yet there are no statistics as to their success.  However, there is a 70% prisoner recidivism rate, which would suggest failure of rehabilitation to any reasoning person.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageOnce in servitude to the state, inmate/slaves must work.  Most receive no compensation.  The highest level of compensation is one dollar an hour, from which the state takes 55% in restitution pay, plus the costs of any medical or other charges incurred.  Can you imagine making 18¢ an hour with your master taking 10+¢ of that hour's pay and then telling you that you stink because you can't afford to buy deodorant from the company store?
15x5 Page Background GIF ImagePrison officials will swear that there is no exploitation of prisoners and that every prisoner's rights are respected.  Court records do not agree.  The United States Supreme Court found that California violated prisoners' constitutional rights with cruel and unusual punishment by overcrowding.  Like a child being dragged to the dentist, California continued to oppose and resist prison population reduction, citing justice and public safety as justification.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageOn September 30, 2014, the ugly truth showed itself in a filing by California, opposing a motion that the state had not kept its promise to reduce draconian long sentences, giving non-violent level 1 & 2 prisoners their liberty.
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageFire camp placement has become increasingly difficult as the number of potentially eligible inmates has been diminished by realignment.  (DEFS’, OPP'N TO PLS MOT. 3:18-19)
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageExtending 2-for-1 credits to all minimum custody inmates at this time would severely impact fire camp participation — a dangerous outcome while California is in the middle of a difficult fire season and severe drought.  (DEFS’ OPP'N TO PLS’ MOT. 4:2-4)
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe extension of 2-for-1 credits to all MSF (Minimum Support Facility) inmates would likely make fire camp beds even more difficult to fill, as low-level, non-violent inmates would choose to participate in the MSF program rather than endure strenuous physical activities and risk injury in fire camps.  (DEFS’ OPP'N TO PLS MOT. 4:10-13)
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageEven the extension of 2-for-1 credits solely to MSF inmates who are fire camp ineligible would impact fire camps.  Nearly two-thirds of the MSF population is fire camp ineligible;  the extension of enhanced credit-earning to these inmates would result in higher turnover and an even greater demand for minimum custody inmates.  CDCR would be forced to draw down its fire camp population to fill vital MSF positions (Such job assignments include garbage, recycle and refuse collections, plant operations positions in support of Institutional tradespersons, Caltrans, and city park crews.)  It is simply unnecessary, and inconsistent with the Court's order, to disrupt participation in fire camps and other vital programs when the Court's benchmark as been met.  (DEFS’ OPP'N TO PLS MOT. 4:14-21)
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageCalifornia's plea to the federal court had nothing to do with justice or public safety.  The state's federal court filing shows that level 1 & 2 inmates are valuable resources, so much so that the state is building two new billion dollar facilities to house them.  The state was justifying to the court why it should be allowed to continue keeping a large workforce of inmate/slaves in servitude.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageMankind's need to punish wrongdoers has become perverted into a vehicle for the dehumanization of our fellow man and the use of prisoners as mere beasts of burden.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageInfinity Symbol

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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSocialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.
—Thomas Sowell
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageMy thanks to the following:  SantaClara Bob;  Lady Jan the Voluptuous;  my mother;  Dewey and Betty;  Robert O., of Ione, California;  Sir Donald the Elusive;  and Steve, of Waipahu, Hawaii.
— editor
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Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI'd like to find somebody who'll donate data acquisition work in the Source Documents project for The Sovereign's Library.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI'd like to obtain a video machine that will dub DVDs, even copy protected DVDs.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI'd like to obtain a video of The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhen two egotists meet, it's an I for an I.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhat's the definition of a will?  It's a dead giveaway.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageA backwards poet writes inverse.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageA chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageIf you don't pay your exorcist, then you'll get repossessed.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhen a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe man who fell into the upholstery machine is now fully recovered.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageHe had a photographic memory that was never developed.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThose who jump off of a bridge in Paris are in Seine.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageA bicycle can't stand on its own because it's two-tired.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageInfinity Symbol

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 January 2015
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