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Eagle 3

Frontiersman, June 1997
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Fourth Reich
Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageRemember Nazi Germany?  A man could be punished if he didn't identify himself to the cops.  Remember America?  A man was innocent until proven guilty and couldn't be compelled to provide information that might be used against him.  Consider the following item from the UPI newswire.
"... One of the suspects, identified as John Doe, was charged with failing to identify himself to officers.  [Officer] Wood says a judge will order him fingerprinted to find out his identity and determine if he is wanted anywhere ...."
— UPI:News-0501.721 5/1/97
Delivered via the Farcast(TM) news and information service
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThis report isn't from Berlin in 1940.  It's from Pecos, Texas in 1997.  It reveals that liberty is dead and the U.S. government is a Nazi regime in disguise.  You're now faced with a tough decision.  You can't ignore the Nazi regime and you can't compromise with it.  You must either submit to it or fight it.  What will you do?10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

Save the Children, Ruin the Country
Sam Aurelius Milam III
• Ex post facto law ….  A law passed after the occurrence of a fact or commission of an act, which retrospectively changes the legal consequences or relations of such fact or deed ….

An “ex post facto law” is defined as … every law which, in relation to the offense or its consequences, alters the situation of a person to his disadvantage.

— Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition 
• No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed.
— Article 1, Section 9, clause 3, U.S. Constitution
• No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts shall ever be passed.
— Article 1, Section 16, Idaho Constitution
• Any person … who in person or through an agent does any of the acts hereinafter enumerated, thereby submits said person … to the jurisdiction of the courts of this state ….

(f)  The engaging in an act of sexual intercourse within the state, giving rise to a cause of action for paternity …. The provisions of this subsection shall apply retroactively, and for the benefit of any dependent child, whether born before or after the effective date of this act ….

— Title 5, Chapter 5, section 5-514
Idaho Code, (emphasis added)
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageDon’t be confused by the use of the word act to designate two completely different things.  This act (statute) alters the circumstances of any person committing any such act (sexual) by submitting him to the jurisdiction of the Idaho courts whether or not the act (sexual) was committed prior to the effective date of the act (statute).  That makes the statute an ex post facto law.  It is excused because it is for the “benefit of any dependent child”.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageIt's clear that the child support fanatics have no regard whatsoever for constitutions, rights, property, or people over the age of 18.  They'll trample anything or anyone for the sake of their own pet agenda — using kids as an excuse to control the behavior of people they don't like.  It's equally clear that while they're in control we can have children or we can have rights, but we cannot have both.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageFrankly, I'd rather see the children suffer if the only alternative is the destruction of every vestige of liberty that might otherwise exist.  While the child support fanatics are in control, those are the only alternatives.  Remember, those fanatics aren't concerned about the children after they're adults.  They don't even think of them as people.  They see them as a tool to impose a belief system on politically incorrect parents.  However, we aren't doing the children any favors if our method of providing for them now guarantees the creation of a slave state for them to inhabit after they're adults.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun
Drug Money
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageNEW YORK (AP) — The Treasury Department wants to make it harder for drug cartels to move money out of the United States by requiring that non-bank wire transfers of more than $750 be reported to the government, The New York Times reports.  This rule, which has been in effect in New York City on an emergency basis since last summer, is credited with a four-fold increase in seizures of drug money being shipped out of the country.  The current reporting threshold elsewhere in the country is $10,000.
— Monday, May 19, 1997

Juror Misconduct
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageNEW YORK (AP) — Jurors cannot ignore the law or evidence in a case even if they believe the charges conflict with their personal beliefs about race, ethnicity or anything else, a federal appeals court has ruled.  The ruling of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denounced what is known as "jury nullification," a legal theory claiming jurors can vote to acquit a defendant on social grounds even if they believe the person guilty.

— Wednesday, May 21, 1997
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AP NewsBrief by AMY FINKELSTEIN.  Delivered via the Farcast(TM) business intelligence service
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208 346-6406 (fax or zmodem)
479 E. 700 N., Firth, Idaho  83236
June 1997
Page 1 

Anarchy, Monarchy, Malarkey
Sam Aurelius Milam III
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We have met the enemy, and he is us.
— Walt Kelly, 1972
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageMany people confuse anarchy with chaos, which is an entirely different thing.  Chaos is disorder.  Anarchy is order achieved without government coercion.  Anarchy has probably never existed, at least not for very long or over a very large area.  This is true because of two features of human nature.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe first of these two features is that no matter how good things are, some jerk will always find a way to create a problem.  When faced with this kind of situation, people have four choices.
1. They can tolerate whatever the jerk is doing,
2. they can try to escape from it,
3. they can remedy the jerk's behavior themselves, or
4. they can empower someone else to do it for them.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageTolerance is a good thing but it might not solve the problem.  Escape might be inconvenient, and personally solving a problem is a lot of trouble.  This leads to the second feature of human nature that defeats anarchy.  That is, when it becomes necessary to deal with a troublemaker, people generally pass the buck.
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The only problem with anarchy is that it will inevitably degenerate into some form of government.
— Thomas George Milam
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageBuck passing always seems like the easiest way out.  Actually, it's a bad idea.  When people empower a third party to regulate the behavior of some obnoxious individual, they give power over themselves to that third party.  It isn't always obvious, but the power to regulate the behavior of anyone is also the power to regulate the behavior of everyone.  This power is government, which began when the first victim failed to solve his own problem and gave someone else the authority to do it for him.  Government is a consequence of the "easy way out".  Given these two features of human nature, government is probably inevitable.
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When a doctor cures a patient, he loses a customer.
— October 13, 1992, Milam's Notes
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSince the justification for government is to solve problems, it follows that the more problems there are the more justification there is for government.  It isn't surprising, therefore, that government "solutions" to problems create more problems (and more difficult ones) than they solve.  It's known as job security.  As the problems multiply and worsen, people in government service (PIGS) can justify more government.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageDemocracy is a currently fashionable form of government advertised as a remedy to the problem of bad government.  It returns the responsibility back to the people.  However, people are clever at avoiding responsibility and give it right back to the government again through the peculiar mechanism of elected representatives.  Of course, once the people use their vote to elect representatives instead of using it to make decisions, then it isn't really a democracy any more.  It's a strange kind of oligarchy;  an elected one.  It isn't a democracy unless all decisions are made by the people.  Not to be outdone, the elected oligarches delegate the responsibility for problem solving to bureaucrats.  As I said, people are clever at avoiding responsibility.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageTwo hundred years of this particular experiment in buck-passing provides convincing evidence that by starting with what existed in 1789, people will always end up with what exists today.  It can best be described as bureaucratic tyranny.
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Rank has its obligations.  (Noblesse Oblige)
— Gaston Pierre Marc, Duc de Levis, 1808
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe dismal outcome of this experiment in democracy is all the reason anybody should need to try something different.  Maybe some other form of government would be better, so what are the choices?  What about a monarchy?  At least a king might respect noblesse oblige, and have some regard for his subjects.  A democracy certainly doesn't.  Also, at least on rare occasions there will be a good king and, if a really bad one takes the throne, perhaps he can be killed.  I doubt if there will ever be a good democracy and it appears that nothing can be done about a really bad one because a bureaucracy cannot be assassinated.  Another virtue of monarchy is that many of the king's most serious threats will be from intrigues within his own government, giving him an incentive to keep his government small so he can supervise it effectively.  No such incentive to smallness exists within a democracy.  However, the most important virtue of monarchy is that a king can call a spade a spade, and a good king will do so.  If a king grants a privilege, everyone knows it's a privilege.  Nobody calls it a right.  Veracity is a great virtue.  A democracy must always promise what it cannot deliver — rights and freedom — to get votes.  Yet, what passes for a right in a democracy is actually a privilege.  What passes for freedom is actually permission.  It is all dispensed at the whim or discretion of the various bureaucracies.
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The day of small nations has long passed away.
The day of Empires has come.
— Joseph Chamberlain, 1904
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhen a government becomes large, it becomes coercive.  This is unavoidable.  When a government becomes coercive, the particular forms of that government become irrelevant.  A coercive democracy is no better than a coercive monarchy.  The ultimate solution, of course, would be to solve our own problems and dispense with government.  However, it's generally illegal for people to solve their own problems when government is pretending to do it for them.  This is condemned as "taking the law into our own hands," even though the people are the original source of lawmaking authority.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageIf the establishment of government is inevitable and irreversible, then the next best answer is to make it as small as possible.  Any small government (whatever its form) is better than any large one.  Objections to this idea generally present the spectre of small governments falling prey to larger ones.  There are at least two answers to this objection.  The first answer is:  if that were

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June 1997
Page 2
479 E. 700 N., Firth, Idaho  83236
208 346-6406 (fax or zmodem)

a probem, then there would no longer be any small governments left on Earth.  The second answer to the objection is that if the conquest of a small government by a larger one is bad, then the objection defeats itself.  That is, the small government was better; too bad it was overrun by a larger one.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe question isn't whether small government is better.  This has been adequately acknowledged.
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The less government we have, the better - the fewer laws, and the less confided power.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844
A government big enough to give us everything we want is also a government big enough to take from us everything we have.
— Gerald Ford, 1976
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe question is how to keep it small.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageHow to keep a government small?  You must find your own solution to the problem.  No one can do it for you.  Isn't that, after all, one of the points of this article?  Consider your solution carefully, however, before you start.  Re-examine it frequently thereafter.  It's far more difficult than you can imagine to correctly predict the consequences of your actions, and ...
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Good intentions are the source of more folly than all other causes put together. 
— from Glory Road
by Robert A. Heinlein
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•     My thanks to Sir Donald the Elusive for paying the production costs of this newsletter.
•     My thanks to Hillary Clinton for being Bill's wife instead of mine.
— editor

Letters to the Editor
Dear Sam,
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI appreciate your running the piece "Tap A Shoulder, Go To Jail." [May issue, page 2]  It is very difficult for most people in this country to understand how our criminal justice system brutalizes people over trivial offenses.  Consider the millions of people jailed for victimless crimes (drugs, prostitution, pornography), regulatory violations (such as the federal wetlands statutes), or for political reasons (tax resisters, radicals of the far left and right in jail on trumped up charges).  All this is lost in the general hysteria about crime.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"Law and order" conservatives and the major media give a completely distorted picture of crime, one which rebounds on them.  A case in point is the National Rifle Association.  Just about every issue of the American Rifleman magazine is replete with rantings about "violent street thugs".  This is followed by demands that the government jail just about everyone forever!  The fact that many "criminals" are people like your friend Hal, arrested over trivial offenses, is totally beyond them.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThere is no small irony here in that the government is using many of the "tough" laws that "law and order" types have promoted to persecute gun owning conservatives.  But what do they expect — that the government is going to allow large numbers of citizens to go about armed?  Yet for some perverse reason, the NRA promotes partnerships with law enforcement.  When the government decides to confiscate all guns, it will be the local police who will do the majority of the dirty work (just as they do in the drug war).
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageA recent issue of the American Rifleman had an editorial complaining about asset forfeiture, zero tolerance and RICO laws.  Incredibly, the NRA is claiming that it has been "liberals" who are behind these laws.  Total nonsense.  These laws were put into place by the "law and order" types themselves.  Conservatives are finding that as a friend of government they are its very next victim.
— Joseph;  Burbank, California

(E-mail to the editor via Pharos)
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageRemember, when the government comes for your guns ....... give them your ammunition first!
— R B;  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Sam
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI read the article in the May newsletter, Tap a Shoulder Go To Jail, and to say I was appalled is an understatement.  This man didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of having a fair trial.  He was treated worse than most people treat a cockroach or a fly!!!!!!!  I am a sexual abuse survivor, and even I feel that some kind of caution should be used when we bring these people into court.  We have to use caution in how we accuse them because they may not have done the thing we think they have done.  If I remember correctly, we are innocent until proven guilty, or at least that is the way it should be.  When anyone who has a suit brought against them is in jail and in need medication, that medication should be provided, especially if it is for pain from cancer.  Where was this man's lawyer??????  Where is the justice in any of the treatment this man got????  A snake is treated better.

— Jan;  Firth, Idaho

15x5 Page Background GIF ImageIn Ron Paul's article "A Police State," [May issue, page 3] he says that the Waco slaughter was "all over a $200 unpaid federal fee."  In all the articles I have read about that incident, nothing was said about it.  If more information is available, I would like to hear about it.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageRon Paul also says that the role of the FBI changed in the 1930's.  It is common knowledge that it was changed in the 1920's in response to the murders of FBI field agents1 during their war on organized crime during the prohibition era2 ....
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageUnder George Washington, Alexander Hamilton called out the militia to force the producers of distilled spirits to pay an excise tax.  The wrong side won.  Ever since then, if any individual or group defies the dictates of the government, an armed force is raised to "restore order."  The most recent examples are Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, and Waco.3  Pedophiles, pushers, and cultists are currently being used as an excuse to increase the size of the armed force that will ultimately be used to disarm every Citizen of the United States of America ....
— James;  United States of America
I would prefer to call them acts of self-defense.
— editor
Don't blame the "criminals".  Blame prohibition.
— editor
The MOVE group, the Republic of Texas, the Freemen, etc, etc, etc.  ad infinitum ad nauseam.
— editor

208 346-6406 (fax or zmodem)
479 E. 700 N., Firth, Idaho  83236
June 1997
Page 3 

479 E.  700 N. 
Firth, Idaho 83236 
You shall know the
and the truth shall
make you
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On the Road with Buffalo Hunter
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageOne day while Buff was careening along in his pickumup truck, he noticed a bunch of women laying beside the road.  He stopped to investigate and discovered that it was an all female county work crew.  The ladies were sweating and puffing like the Devil himself had been after them.  Buff asked who was in charge and one woman pulled herself to her feet.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"I'm the supervisor," she said, "You can talk to me."
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"Do you ladies need some help?" asked Buff.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"Yes!" she replied.  "Ever since we forced the county to start hiring women for these crews, there's been nothing but trouble!  For example, these damn chain saws that they gave us to use are the hardest damned things to cut wood with that I ever picked up!"
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"Kin ah see ifn they's a problem with 'em?" asked Buff.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"Sure," commented the woman with a sneer at Buff's accent.  "Go ahead if you think you can do any better than a woman.  May I remind you that a woman can do twice the work of a man in half the time?"
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageBuff held his tongue, picked a chain saw at random, and looked it over.  There didn't seem to be anything wrong with it, so he gave the cord a manly jerk at which the saw roared into operation.  The female supervisor leaped back in horror and shrieked, "Oh my God!  Lookout!  What's that awful noise it's making?!?"

Buck Hunter Shoots Off His Mouth
Dear Buck
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhat do you expect the women's rights bitches to do next?

— Disgusted Man
Dear Disgusted Man
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageStart wearing codpieces.

Sesame Suite
Hermit the Frog: Hey Priggy!
Ms Priggy: Yes, Hermie?
Hermie: How did the feminist get blisters on her face?
Priggy: Rrrrrr!
Hermie: Bobbing for fries!  He he he — uh ....
Priggy: Haayyeeee — YAH!
Hermie: Off!  Whap!  Thump!
Sesame Suite is a production of the Children's Tunnelvision Workshop

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— Sam Aurelius Milam III, editor

June 1997
Page 4
479 E. 700 N., Firth, Idaho  83236
208 346-6406 (fax or zmodem)
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