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Frontiersman, January 2016
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Redefinition in High Definition
Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageAccording to WWII in HD, fourteen million people were killed in the Nazi concentration camps.  That number caught my attention.  For most of my life, I've heard that other infamous number, the total proclaimed by the Jews, 6 million of them killed by the Nazis.  I'd never heard that there were any victims of the concentration camps other than the Jews, and certainly not that there were so many other victims.  If the number reported by WWII in HD is accurate, then there are 8 million other victims of the Nazis whose murders have been marginalized.  The Jews accounted for less than half of the total, yet we hear only of the Jews.  How can that happen?  I have an idea.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageMaybe there's a principle at work here.  Maybe the victims who make the most noise aren't necessarily the most numerous or even the most victimized.  Maybe they're just the ones who have the best publicity.  Here's another worrisome thought.  A narrow concern for their own woes, within any group of victims, might suggest a self-centered lack of concern for other, similarly situated victims.  Is it possible that the most clamorous victims might also be the most racist or, at least, the most self-centered?  Maybe not, but it's worth considering, especially since the Jews have been transformed into Israelis, who appear to be a different breed entirely.  They even seem to have acquired some of the behaviors and attitudes of their former persecutors, the Nazis.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI hasten to add that this idea isn't necessarily limited to only Jews.  So far as I can tell, most victim advocacy groups, maybe all of them, show the same ignominious lack of concern for other, similarly situated victims.  I've mentioned this before, for example, with regard to black people who complain only when the cops kill other black people.  See my article High Hopes, on page 3 of the June 2015 issue.  Any legitimate victim advocacy group would be concerned with all similarly situated victims, not just with those of its own ilk.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageHere's another thought that's at least tangentially related to this topic.  The treatment of the Jews (and others) in Nazi Germany wasn't genocide, which is the complete extermination of a group of people.  If some of the members of a group survive, then it isn't genocide.  It's attempted genocide.  Such exaggeration for effect is an unfortunate misuse of our language, especially if it's for the purpose of manipulation or deception.  Let's at least try to learn how to understand our own language, and not be hoodwinked by activists with an agenda.  Atrocity and genocide are not synonyms except, possibly, in the minds of political publicity agents.
Page 1 Box15x5 Page Background GIF ImageActually, I thought that the previous paragraph was going to be the end of this article but then I decided to look for genocide in my collection of old dictionaries.  To my surprise, I discovered that, even though the word is of Greek origin, it doesn't appear to have been a part of the English language prior to 1961.  That seems unlikely, but the oldest dictionary in which I found the word listed was Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, © 1961.  The word wasn't included in any of the earlier dictionaries that I checked.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe meanings of words, fascism and money being good examples, are susceptible to manipulation when it serves a political purpose.  Such manipulation is usually instigated by some special interest group, for the benefit of it's own agenda.  Surprisingly, the more recent definition of genocide is nearly the same as the 1961 definition.  More surprisingly, the recent definition is more precise than is the earlier one.  That isn't usually the case with politically motivated changes in the meanings of words.  As the Vulcan used to say, "Fascinating."10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun
January 2016 Frontiersman,0c/o 4984 Peach Mountain Drive, Gainesville, Georgia  30507
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Sticky, of San Diego, California
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSentenced 15 years.  5,479 Days — counting 4 leap years.  85% equals 4,674.  Fought case.  County Jail, 361 days.  Sent here (prison).
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageDay-1:  Issued orange jumpsuit & I.D. card.  Nothing special.  Herded around.  Cattle.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageDay-2:  Two men came this close (thumb & forefinger 1/2" apart) to death.  Prison yard stroll.  View new digs.  Signs everywhere "No Warning Shots."  NLR (Nazi-Low-Rider) over there, watched by SDSH (San Diego Skin Heads) over here.  More white gangs than I expected.  Sur (South Cali Chicano's) and Pisa's (Mexicans from Mexico) keep eyes on each other.  OG Blacks (What's left of the Black Panthers), Crips, Bloods, and several strains of 'hood thugs form circles.  40 different gangs (cars) out here.  All races.  Been out here 10 minutes.  Tension thick as molasses.  Something not right.  Need to watch my back.  Bad feeling.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image30 ft. to left.  2 guys swoop on long-haired Biker not with his car.  #1 pulls ponytail.  Biker turns.  #1 bear hugs him holding arms.  #2 produces ice pick.  Stab stab stab.  Move right.  Gotta get away.  Not my business.  Biker screams.  Buzzers sound from behind.  Blue lights flash everywhere.  Everyone going to ground.  Not #1 & 2.  #1 holds Biker.  #2 stabs.  Get away or get down?  I choose latter, follow others' lead.  Knees down first, prone out, face in dirt, arms out from sides.  #2 still stabbing.  Biker screaming.  Hear sticking & sucking sounds of shank.  Horrified.  Want to help.  Too far away.  2 on 1 not right.  WTF did I get into?
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWindow slides & squeaks.  Unoiled track.  Hollow sound in distance.  Block canister loading into tube.  Pop!  Not loud as I thought.  Block(s) whiz overhead.  "Shit!  I'm in line of fire!"  Look left.  #2 still standing/stabbing.  Seems like eternity — only 10 seconds elapsed time.  2nd hollow sound.  Pop!  Shoulder/neck all of sudden excruciating pain.  Difficult to breathe.  God, this hurts!  (One of blocks must've hit me.)  Sweet Jesus, this hurts!  Different sound next.  Slide back/rack forward.  Memories of M-16 and army basic training.  More of a "thud" sound.  Maybe Mini-14.  Clasp hands over head.  Shot much louder.  VERY LOUD!  Look left.  #2 down.  Screaming.  Holds head.  Blood everywhere.  #1 on ground, prone.  Biker not moving.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image3 to 4 minutes pass.  Cops materialize everywhere.  Riot gear.  Shields, helmets, batons, pepper spray.  I get cuffed.  Face down.  Not steel cuffs.  Look right, then left.  More zip-ties then ever seen in life.  Utter chaos.  Cops view my swollen neck/shoulder.  "This one must be involved!"  Biker on orange stretcher.  #2 standing & zip-tied.  Bottom 1/2 of his ear missing.  More blood than not.  Tower gunner missed — know he wasn't aiming for ear.  Thump thump thump sound.  Chopper blades.  He-lo hovers close — outside fence.  More basic training memories.  I'm stood up.  Led to holding cell.  Long walk.  Still zip-tied.  Shoved inside.  Face first onto floor.  Door closes.  Dark.  Cold.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageDay-3 (I think):  Dragged from holding cell.  Medic checks neck.  Her touch brings fire.  Unbearable pain.  Pee myself.  Lay in puddle.  Cops upset about pee.  Pepper spray in face & back.  Kick to abdomen.  Don't know how many.  Pass out.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageLater:  Regain consciousness.  No zip-ties.  How did I get in wheelchair?  Water, tastes like liquid gold.  Neck/shoulder on fire.  Back itches.  Wearing only boxers.  Person in front, talking.  Shiny rank on collar.  "Can you talk?"  Barely.  Many questions.  Same 5, 10 different ways.  Who?  What gang/car?  Gang hit?  Dope debt?  "I don't know.  I'm new guy.  Check I.D.  You'll see.  Just got here."  Don't recall their faces.  Swastika on #2's neck.  Biker long hair.  Neck killing me.  Can't concentrate.  "That's all I know."
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageEven later:  Musta gave good answers.  Come to.  Infirmary.  Nice lookin' auburn haired doctor.  2 cute Asian nurses.  Stay 2 days.  Moved to different yard.  No "Sorry."  No "Effyou."  Nothing.  My fault.  Wrong place/wrong time.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageHindsight:  Been incarcerated 2,644 days.  If they honor 85%, next month will be less than 2,000 days left.  Seen much since.  Will not be same, naive person when released.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageLesson:  Expect the unexpected.  People out there clueless about this place.  After 7 years I still don't run with anyone.  Don't dope, gamble, or loan.  No one owes me and I owe no one.  Words to live by.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageGod Bless.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageInfinity Symbol

Stray Thoughts
Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageKnowledge is acquired by study.  Understanding is acquired by experience.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

Page 2  Frontiersman,0c/o 4984 Peach Mountain Drive, Gainesville, Georgia  30507
 January 2016

Letters to the Editor
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThank you for continuing Frontiersman — I wish I had time to respond, especially to the latest, but can't possibly.  The lead article was excellent, from a prisoner whose published pieces I've never cared much for, but this last one looks like it could have almost been written by you (which are ± always excellent) — as if the writer has perhaps become your protégé.
—a prisoner
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe fact that many orgs want to decrease world population is not debated.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThe means being used are shocking.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageAre you protecting yourself from Mercury tainted vaccines or GMOs or Monsanto chemical feeds?
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSome vaccines are mandated in schools!
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageBanning nutrient supplements has been tried in the US and will be tried again.  The FDA tried to assert control over such, but failed.
15x5 Page Background GIF Imagehttps://youtu.be/p1t81Edhl2Y
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageKeep up the good work.  Happy New Year. 
—a prisoner
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThank you, for dignifying Auto-Da-Fe, and your astute Editorial Comments [November 2015, page 1], on our Messianic purveyors of "justice"....
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageInterestingly, the cracks are starting to show in our dysfunctional criminal "justice" system, to the degree, it is surfacing in presidential campaign rhetoric, and national media.  If we all strike our matches against the darkness, exposing the truth, I think, we can make a difference.  Also, the mantra of "non-violent" has to go, are these people saying;  junk the so-called "violent" offenders?  Violent, or non-violent, we're all products of a broken "fog bound" system!
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSo, with that said, go deck your halls with holly, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  I remain
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageIn gratitude,
—Robert H. Outman
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageAre you getting any feedback on your "crash-site" articles by people who now know 911 was an inside job?
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI'm reading "Pentagon Aliens" (formally:  Space Aliens from the Pentagon) by William R. Lyne, and he's saying (proving) Roswell was an inside job also & UFO's are made & tested using Tesla's inventions (w/Nazi help) and brought back here during "Operation Paperclip."  I'll write more after I finish the book!!
—a prisoner
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageThere's been very little feedback on the crash site articles.  Most people don't even seem to care.  I tried to tell one friend what happened at the Pentagon and he said, "I know what happened at the Pentagon!  I saw it on the TV!"  It's frustrating that people will believe what they see on the television but they won't believe what I tell them.  Regarding Operation Paperclip, I suggest my article Paperclip Legacy, on page 1 of the November 2014 issue.

Sister Harriet's Shortcut
As retold by Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSister Harriet had been sitting up with a sick member of the church and was walking back to the convent, late at night.  The patient had lain awake in pain for hours but he'd finally gone to sleep.  It was late.  Sister Harriet was tired.  She knew that it was dangerous to take the shortcut through the park but she just didn't want to walk the long way around, all the way around the park.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSo, she took the shortcut through the park.  As she was passing a bush, a man jumped out from behind the bush, knocked her down, yanked her habit up, and raped her.  Just as he was getting up to run, the lights of a car making the turn at the corner of the park passed briefly across the scene.  The man saw Sister Harriet's habit and realized that his victim was a nun.
15x5 Page Background GIF Image"Oh my!" he exclaimed.  "I had no idea you were a nun!  I'd never have done it, if I'd known!  How can you ever forgive me?  What are you going to tell the mother superior?"
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSister Harriet tugged at her habit and said, "I'm going to tell her that I was walking across the park, taking the shortcut late at night, and a man jumped out from behind a bush and raped me."
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageShe tugged at her habit again, hesitated, and then added, "Twice, if you're not too tired."10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

A White Man's Notes
Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageBefore marriage, a man spends his time trying to please a woman.  After marriage, he spends his time trying to appease her.
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageArrogance is undesirable in a man and even more undesirable in a woman10x5 Page Background GIF ImageMale Symbol

January 2016 Frontiersman,0c/o 4984 Peach Mountain Drive, Gainesville, Georgia  30507
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c/o 4984 Peach Mountain Drive
Gainesville, Georgia  30507
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageEvery nation has the government it deserves.
—Joseph de Maistre
(1753 — 1821)
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15x5 Page Background GIF ImageMy thanks to the following:  SantaClara Bob;  my mother;  Betty;  Jason, of Soledad, California;  Robert, of Ione, California;  Eric, of Ione, California;  and Robert, of Soledad, California.
— editor
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Visit Some of My Websites
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Sam Aurelius Milam III
Q:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhat kind of jokes do women tell each other when there aren't any men around?
A:15x5 Page Background GIF Image"That's what he said" jokes.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

A Request
Sam Aurelius Milam III
15x5 Page Background GIF ImageI'd like to have a few more people to review preliminary versions of the Frontiersman, prior to publication.  They'll need to have internet access.  Are there any volunteers?10x5 Page Background GIF ImageGun

Blonde Jokes
Original Source Unknown.  Forwarded by Don G.
Q:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhy do blondes wash their hair in the kitchen sink?
A:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageBecause that's where you're suppose to wash vegetables.
5x5 Page Background GIF Image
Q:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhy do blondes wear their hair up?
A:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageTo catch the jokes that go over their heads.
5x5 Page Background GIF Image
Q:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageWhy is it good to have a blonde in the car with you?
A:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageSo you can park in the handicap zones.
5x5 Page Background GIF Image
Q:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageHow do you make a blonde's eyes light up?
A:15x5 Page Background GIF ImageShine a flashlight in her ear.10x5 Page Background GIF ImageInfinity Symbol

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— Sam Aurelius Milam III, editor

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 January 2016
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